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for her. >> [speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon. i am maria and in a family of low income. >> [speaking spanish] >> she says she understands you want to build these units but we need to focus on more family oriented housing. [speaking spanish]
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>> she said i think that it's really important to put urgency on the housing situation for affordable housing for all families so families can be together. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am e lisa and representing families collaborative. i come today to urge you to put a cap on the 375 units, but i would also like to talk about student perspective. most of the times these families especially the students who are struggling with tuition and have low income jobs are wanting to stay together to help their families, to have a better lifestyle. some of the families i am talking about are families and most wait until the kids get old enough to help
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them move so i don't see how making a smaller unit is fitting that student coming out of that situation where it's already over crowded so they have no room for themselves or their families. and also we have a lot of families that wanted to be here. i don't know if i would have time to maybe read one letter or two to you that they wrote. elizabeth, she's with family. "we ask that you listen to our voices, and the reasons that we're giving you for putting a cap on these housing units. we are all tired of living in these situations of over crowdedness for our own families and for our children. you shouldn't have anymore units built than 375 in san francisco. these living units don't sound
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like they will be affordable to students and they should be if you're going to create them they should be affordable, and they don't seem to be capacity for disabled persons, and the last but not least. please make more affordable housing for the entire family. thank you". so i don't know if i can read another one. >> you have about a minute left and go3 4 f1
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>> instructor: this is how high how do you do it here in san francisco so now, i'm a grand mother and i live by myself and
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i work also part time gases to pay my rent and i'm not receiving ssi yet. so, please give considerations to us, poor people here, working so hard just to pay our rent. so please open your eyes, open your eyes, and heart to us, begging for us to please give consideration to us. thank you.. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is josh should youa and i'm from the housing program of the vettians equity center, we have over 400 clients consistenting of families and workers and one crucial concern is impact on ever increasing rents and fishingcies are more expensive by square foot and more expensive to produce and prompt
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owners are more likely to raids rent when given the opportunity to do so and yet we show need for affordable housing especially in areas where these are to be built. many families needed affordable housing for deck aids and what we need is affordable housing for seniors and housing that is not limit today a post. and the many policy questions raised by this new development type. not spof sporing it's cap would restrain development based on insufficient information and signals, thank you for listen and is please volt to cap this what we need is more housing and seniors in the housing market. >> good even commissioners,
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my inarm is charm leeta per resident, a senior and i have been applying for housing for a long time, until no, i'm not lucky to have one. about the shoe box, i think it's not confronteddable for seniors like us, we were younger, we work hard and so we need a comfortable place for us now that we are seniors, it's like putting a spider in a tiny box. like a child playing the with a spider and then after playing, you put me inside a tiny box. we are -- we need a comfortable and good housing. we are human beings and not insects. so please, i'm here to encourage you to please support the 375
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unit cap on the microunit of efficiency plrgs so please help arks us, thank you. my name is brad polt and i'm speaking today as an individual. i -- [inaudible] have been told that in reference do the metering the cap but rather good planning we are going to make a change that is this radical, -- new york city as i understand it file piling one project on city land to see how it works this is not one the 375 units, we are talking about four-six projects and i might say it might really help not with affordable housing but with moderate mousing and i think that is scott wieners place on this and i think it might help but i think so it will open up a
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whole a lot of loopholes and i think we should go slowly and so one thing that we learned during the presidential campaign is the problem of math and so one thing that i would like to propose propose to you is the mathematical campaign so you divide in a by 30 days and what that comes out to is $50 a night i. simple math. if you think about that,that is pretty cheap per night and now imagine for a moment, here we go. so $1,500 a month works out to $50 a night and let's say that you charge $99 a night it's a teen hundred dollars and then 4,000 a month. and so now, you are holding one
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of these buildings and trying to figure out what do to satisfy your investors there will be a tremendous incentive to rent these out as hotel rooms because you can make two-three times z money doing that as you can as renting them out as mini donedo condos and again i think 375 cap is a reasonable amount of money to build and it gives us a change to fix willful . i walked out on the street the other day to have lunch with friends of mine and i saw a rent control apartment that had 15 to 20 office workerser and is i see these all overt city. we have had these conversations before about hotellization and if we are losing more units than we are building we are never going
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to get ahead of the game and like i said, there is an incentive for people to turn these into hotels and they will make a lot more one and that is my big concern in this approach. thank you. good even; evening, i'm laurie and i'm here to encourage you to please support 375 units cap on microunits on official legislation. i'm currently living now in emergency housing. that is why i'm here to encourage you to do or family housing. i feel so lucky to be in a family housing. because, i just could not --
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[inaudible] the other seniors and i have free kids. that's why i encourage you to award family housing. i know it will help more families especially in san francisco because here in san francisco, for five years, and after four years, i was lucky to pick up for the mercy housing. i used to live in a small -- a smaller room with high mom and my dad and my three kids and my husband in a studio but i'm so thankful that -- that they built mercy housing or family housing it has really helped. thank you so much. >> hello commissioners my name
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is ressa dew kegel sen. i work in the sowter of market at shawm can. and i'm here to urge you to support the cap on 375 units. i'm here because i'm not um, we are here to say that development is great when it contribute a thriving successful healthy neighborhood and i'm not entirely sure that the development of these microunits will truly alalleviate the housing prices we have in san francisco because as you all know. there is very limited land for housing. and so, in order for us to kind-of have a better assessment of whether or not this is something individuals who can afford the market rates truly want i think it's probably best to support a 375 unit cap and do a study afterwards to see if it really
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does alleviate those housing. demands. because i work with low income families and i understand this is not designed to house families. there is a brig need for family affordable housing particularly in the south of market and in the units and developments are proposed here in the south of market, i think that we really need to talk about how it impacts the community, where it's being built and whether or not it really truly does solve the housing issue. so please, again, support the 375 unit cap. thank you so much. hi there are my name is mart tie dell hall ass and i'm a stone at city college and i would like to say that there were -- there is suppose to more pierce from city college and
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other universities here but unfortunately they would to work today, because you know they are trying to also survive in the city a lot of them coming from out of san francisco and who have grown up in the south of market and around san francisco. so, most of my friends pay around like a thousand dollars for student housing but you know they are trying to look for a new place to live because they cannot afford that. that is why they work and try to pay off also their tuition and is so a lot of my friends are in death, death debt and so am i and when you look at this, it's -- they could achieve and if you look at it five years later and when it hits the buildings what will happen in five years how will it be you have to think in against, like five years later. ten years later you have to see you
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are creating a city for people you are not just create ago city like in a game? so, i would like to say, this is not really for students, so thank you.. >> good evening commissioners i'm here to read a letter from jeffly fern unanimous des who's a student. the student housing only benefits one person not a family or group of people who's looking for affordable housing, thus it's not even affordable house because the shoe box is so over priced imagine a man working hard and he only gets a thousand dollars a month and he cannot pay the whole room and even if he can he will not be able to buy food for himself because
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most of his salary goes to the rent. this is the letter. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is [name?] and i'm the chair for the san francisco coalition for neighborhood. we we decide that had the efficiency in in sort of microunits are not something that the city needs. the city needs family housing. families are leaving san francisco and we are short on affordable family housing and this will take away opportunities for that to happen. so, can we -- the
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committee met last monday and we know that this has been approved already but the cap and we would favor a cap of 300 units and a compromise. i'll agree to that. and we would also like the trigger point to be 200 rather than 750. it's fineso how hs going to work out. but i think the numbers are too high and we feel that the experiment, should be more limited in nature. the -- one of the main issues i see, is that. [inaudible] are going to be something that high-tech corporations will see
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that as a fantastic investment opportunity and they may buy half a dozen for themselves and represent them out themselves and for them, that size of an investment is nothing, so, i think we need to preserve the opportunity for the type of housing that san franciscoians need. and also, the type of individuals -- i mean that purchase and live in these units is very small dormitory like units, will be like -- well, i don't think they will be there long term and i don't think that they are going to have that much regard for the community in that they are not necessarily invested. they are not going to be here long term and provide support and is issue is that we need to support and bottom line, experiment is fine but i think the numbers are too high and as
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i said. we favor limiting and capping to 200 but 375 is just fine. and we also think that the trigger point should be lower for the department to the board of supervisors. excuse me but as my predecessor cor cores said those of you standing in the door need to move to the side or create a seat, you are creating a fire hazard. >> good evening commissioners tim collen on behalf of the san francisco action housing coalition and i would like to support the housing coalition to create .edu's efficient housing units with one exception we said that .edus are a badly new
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response a extremely expennive housing market and they have been in other countries and are now appearing in other cities and supervisor wiener's legislation recognizes this and should be aa plodded for affordable house for many restriction unfortunately of the proposal is seriously under mind by the market camp rate on .edu's its poor public policy for two reasons while the housing coalition could support a cap planning department review we don't what you understand could be learned from such a very small sample size which, is one% of the city's housing stock. what conclusions would planning staff be able to reach by studying 375 units in a sample this small would they be able to determine whether or not it's a successful housing project? how it compares to other housing types or what
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changes might be recommended it's we dispute it's a statistically valid sample size and do not believe that the conclusions based on a sample size this small could be relied on and have a my potential for error and second the cap sends a wrong message to market blooder and is that the city doesn't support this market and that investors should proceed at their own payroll and while this approach is common in san francisco it's distrust traiting to our members. first if the cap is adopted it's not clear what the harm the city would be avoidings and second it's another example of the contribution of the values weest spouse and policies we adopt while a city we claim to support housing air fordable and housing for all we have a long standing
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policy for making housing squares and expensive never more so than today. in conclusion the proposed legislation to create this new housing time is sensible and overdue and sadly it's under mind by an idea that seems to exist to prevent a housing product that by it's very nature is designed to be another alternative in an increasingly expensive city and as this cap intends to do will the hogs option to our resident be improved and more crucially will housing in san francisco become more affordable? i urge you to reject the cap for the image minute and replace it with a more serious alternative. my name -- okay? my name is patrick kennedy and i'm a
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real estate developer doing two house housing projects in san francisco now and i would like to support tim colin's discussion that the cap be raised. the benefits of -- first, i would like to say, that i share the concern mentioned earlier today about providing more family housing and the planning commission the city needs to remember that the housing rental stock is one large market and if single people single working people cannot find housing suitable for them. they will rent family housings and two-three wage earners can may more than one wage earner in a family. so, i think that the people speaking earlier are losing sight of the importance of providing more housing and lots of efficient housing in order to address the idea of the high rents in the city. and the easiest quickest
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and most environmentally sensitive way to provide more housing is to build microunit in areas that are well served by tran as it and the experience of seattle, vancouver, santa barbara, sapta maria and los angeles all suggest that micropearmt apartments are providing a very valuable service to working residents of the city and there are numerous examples of successful projects that do not compete with single family homes and which provide a very valuable service to the working people of the city. s pack and others did a survey of san francisco residents to fine where they stand and find out that bay two-one margin, voters of san francisco support microdevelopment by 30 to one margin they interiored it if they were more familiar with
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this legislation. so it's a building type that has wide-spread support throughout the citizens at large. particularly valuable aspect of microdevelopment is that microdevelopments is that it goes in dollars are well served by tran as it and which the city would like to see more pedestrians and more street level activity. so, across the board, i think the city and the residents will benefit by having a chance to live in microapartments and, i think that the sample size of 375 which, is basically a two-three projects needs to be enlarged. thank you.
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>> view he is tear. i want to go back to you about one o'clock when you had the first 340, monitoring at that hearing -- mercy who's the developer of one hawthorne street, told you all of the -- there is only five families i e five children in one hawthorne and that is a building with a lot of two-bedroom units. the academic approach that the planning department has, is build two bedroom units and you will serve families. what did he say? he said he was shocked that they only have five children in the entire building. one hawthorne you can look it up on your computer. how many one bedroom
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units -- and how many two-bedroom units? the planning department has been committed to the planning commission to two-bedroom units as a solution to families in the city. but the real world test is, who buys the two-bedroom units? people that have the income and they make it an office. they commute from their second bedroom. so the real-world test is, two bedroom units vs. the reality that you -- remember he talked about his own experience in his own project. you have to cap these number of units. the number of units that we need in the city is for people that can afford housing and everyone knows that what we are approving, week
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after week whether they are two bedrooms or one bedroom units, it's units are unaffordable to the average person let alone the low income people in the city and i would refer you to mr. mercy's comments at one o'clock. thank you. . >> is there any additional public comments. good afternoon dishes commissioners i'm with the housing of san francisco and i am to show you a letter had a we had submitted earlier and that i hope you had all received and i hope you all brought copies as well and there are about 13 community organizations represented and we are all supporting the proposed legiio

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